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About the Artist

About the Artist
"I paint what I believe in, what moves me spiritually. I don't know why I stop at a particular scene, it's a feeling I respond to, not intellect." 
- Lisa O'Gorman, Artist

Lisa O'Gorman grew up in Yonkers, NY. and moved to the Hudson Valley in 1990. Lisa always enjoyed painting but it was a back injury several years ago that would enable her to explore her creative side fully, discovering that painting had the ability to help her tolerate the injuries by rehabilitating her mentally and spiritually. Lisa has an intense connection to nature that stems from hiking and camping extensively along the Catskill and Adirondack regions even into Maine.


O'Gorman has been inspired to create many plein air works, often catching glimpses of wildlife that she quickly works into her paintings. Lisa also has a successful pet portrait business as well. Donating portraits to shelters and foundations to raise funds to help recues. Lisa has previously been involved with training Lab pups for Puppies Behind Bars, a program that teaches incarcerated people how to train pups as future service dogs and explosive detection canines. 

"I love walking in nature, it gives me time to recharge, gives me ideas for paintings and I love to bird watch as well! My black lab Abby is always at my side and goes almost everywhere with me!" 

original paintings

Life is good when you feed your soul! Thank you for letting me share my journey through paintings with you! Enjoy and be well! 

- Lisa O'Gorman, Artist

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